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Ep 151: How Much Must I Donate to Alter Your DNA?

Updated 6 months ago.

We're all in a tizzy prepping for the Metal Gear Marathon, so this week we decide to talk about some Real Life Enfants Terribles: that's right folks it's all about CRISPR babies. Also Steph is becoming a real Metal Gear Woman, Matt loves the Coen Brothers, Dave trusts the old blood, and Norris bought a breathalyzer.

Also the Metal Gear Marathon begins Dec. 6th at 9AM Pacific time and goes until Dec. 9th at 6PM. Come join at, donate some money for the kids, try to win a prize, and watch a bunch of grown adults jump through proverbial (and also possibly literal) hoops for your entertainment.

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, David Beebe, Steph Fan, Matt Emery

Beer of the Week: SuperFluxx Beer's Double Infinity IPA