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Marathon Med Cruising

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Marathon Med Cruising

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I'm Ralph Grizzle, editor of the Avid Cruiser magazine. It's Wednesday June 12, and I've just returned from five weeks of cruising back to back on four ships.

You may be thinking that four ships in five weeks is too much, but I met passengers who were on ships much longer than me. I was fortunate to meet Lorraine Artz. She had cruised 4,084 days on Princess Cruises when I met her last month.

Tomorrow, that's June 14, Lorraine will be named godmother of Royal Princess. The ceremony takes place in Portofino, Italy.

I can't imagine that I'll ever catch Lorraine, but I did add 30-plus days to my more than 200 cruises.

My Marathon Month on ships began on May 4, on Princess Cruises' brand new Emerald Princess. Ships that followed were SeaDream II, Regent Seven Seas Voyager and Crystal Symphony.

For the remainder of this month, I'll be sharing what I learned and experienced on those four ships. I'll share with you what I thought were the strong points and weak points for each ship. I'll also post additional video and photos as well as audio podcasts like this one. There's a lot more in store. Please join me. This is Ralph Grizzle. Thanks for tuning in.