The 'Cryo-Talk' podcast from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Bitesize Bio brings you the world’s most prominent Cryo-electron microscopists. In each episode of this engaging series, host Eva Amsen explores the fascinating world of cryo-electron microscopy through the eyes of the experts and delves beyond the electron beam into what drives them in their careers, their inspirations, and passions.

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Joachim Frank (Columbia University)

Updated 3 months ago.

#1 — Joachim Frank of Columbia University has spent his career working on EM and cryoEM. In this episode of Cryo-Talk, Joachim joins Eva Amsen to discuss his research and his 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. We’ll hear how he has used peripheral vision to find unexpected opportunities, why he loves fiction writing, and how he balances New York City life with his time in the Berkshires.
We also learn about his Master's project studying the back-scattering of electrons on liquid gold, his first post-doc at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory , and the conversation turns to butterflies on multiple occasions. Tune in to hear more!

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