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Darrell Taylor and Chris Kipiniak are geeks with very different tastes. Join them as they watch and discuss, not movies, but cinema: foreign, artsy-fartsy, independent film, and whatever other weird stuff you won't find in your local multiplex.

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Arts and Crap ep 24 My Winnipeg

Updated a long time ago.

BACK! BY (what should have been) POPULAR DEMAND! The ARTS AND CRAP crew make Darrell "Anti-Life" Taylor take another bite at the maple-flavored apple that is the oeuvre of Canadian avant-garde auteur , Guy "One of the greatest film directors in history" Maddin! Long-time listeners know we covered Maddin's feature debut, TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL, in episode 5 and Darrell was . . . not happy. After viewing this 2007 masterpiece, which starred Ann Savage (What a woman!, Two-man Submarine, Saved by the Bell), and Lewis Negin (Sissy-Boy Slap-Party, The Forbidden Room), did Darrell revise his opinion of the celebrated cinematic innovator? Or is he still a friggin' idiot?*

Also, what did Sheila "Friend of the Working Man" Villari think? And why does Chris "Kindness, love, butterflies, rainbows, peace, and stuff" Kipiniak put up with either of them? Listen . . . and find out!

*Darrell Taylor did not approve this message

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