The 69 Minute Eargasm with Joel Gertner

And as they listened via PodPodz, the very futuristic-looking aliens 👽 from the year 3120 laughed, if simply upon learning how there was — in the early 21st Century — only ONE podcast on the level of The 69 Minute EARGASM! !! !!! COMING to you from Brooklyn by way of his mother’s vagina, THE QUINTESSENTIAL STUDMUFFIN Joel Gertner does his damnedest to overcome his natural modesty to TELL YOU HOW GREAT HE IS, do today’s top stars the favor of having them on for great interviews, talk about the news of the day and make you think FOR ONCE! If you’re looking for a Podcast whose host is unnecessarily verbose, incredibly charismatic, and funny as his penis is long... Keep it here... For you are about to reap the reward of hearing over one hour of some of the most inane, depraved, melodious, random, incoherent, lucid, nonsensical and trivial ramblings ever verbally defecated upon the world. KEEP LISTENING...AND HAVE YOURSELF...AN 🎤👂🧠🤯EARGASM🤯🧠👂🎤

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Antonio Thomas

Updated 3 months ago.

On this week's 69 Minute Eargasm with Joel Gertner, Joel speaks with former WWE Superstar and current co-host of the "Left My Wallet" sports podcast, ANTONIO THOMAS! Plus more memories with John Pantozzi!

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