Chuck Hall is a New England singer-songwriter with both traditional and contemporary influences. Active on the scene since the 1980's, he was also for many years a Boston folk radio personality, hosting programs on WUMB and the legendary Walden 1120, WADN-AM in Concord, Massachusetts. This podcast consists of music, sometimes his own, and interviews with friends, roamers and countrypersons. Thanks for listening!

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Chuck Hall at Ramblin' Conrads, 1994

Updated a long time ago.

From a tape of a tape, recorded on March 12, 1994 at Ramblin' Conrad's Guitar Shop in Norfolk, Virginia. Not perfect quality by any means, but I'm very pleased to have this. Recorded by Greg Anderson. I'm joined for much of this by Mike Munden, a wonderful friend and a terrific musician. It is what it is...