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We get together every week to talk up the news in gaming, the games we're playing, and basically whatever else might come up. Oh yeah, we drink and rate beer that we don't properly know how to evaluate.

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Ep 354 - Any Way You Slice It - 09/28/2020

Updated about 1 month ago.

Everyone loves pizza, but where can you get the best slice? Come join The HUGE Crew as they answer that question, and also talk about:

Jedi Fallen Order
Super Mario 3D All Stars
Star Wars Destiny Solo Mode
Among Us
Basic Instinct
Mario Party 1
Speed-running Ronald McDonald Treasure land Adventure
and more!

As always keep sending questions to hugecrew@hoppedupeast.com, we love them!

Beer featured this week: Negroni by 2 Crows Brewing, Cellar Reserve: Bourbon Barrel Aged Lunenburg Imperial Stout by Oland Brewery / A. Keith's Brewery, and Budweiser Budvar B:ORIGINAL by Budějovický Budvar.