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Sunny Lohmann hosts a politics and comedy mash-up with an irreverent, if sunny, take on the world. Is she Right or Left, Right or Wrong? You be the judge.

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New Yawka's Have No Balls and the Green Sex Toy Movement

Updated a long time ago.

On this episode of the You Know I'm Right Show, Sunny is joined by Doug Reich of The Rational Capitalist Blog (, to discuss the City of New York, Mayor Bloomberg, and the few things that are still legal in the city. A new game that will sweep the nation--"What's Not Illegal in New York City"--is introduced, hilarious Federal Agency Acronyms for BIGGULP, and the tweet of the week/month (soon to be re-named the IowaHawk Tweet of the Week/Month). The highlight of the show is an intense and entirely serious discussion of Environmentally Conscious Sex Toys and zero-carbon footprint ways to clean the bedroom. Enjoy!