No Apologies

Join the boys of the Taylor Network - Chris, Christopher, Juan, Rafael, and Darrell – sit down and discuss all things comics - and some things not so comic. It’s an open and honest discussion where anything goes. No Apologies – you have been warned…

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No Apologies ep 345 Tyroc & the black island

Updated about 1 month ago.

With Juan Castro at SDCC, Darrell, Raf, CK and Gil talk about some pre con announcements. Plus talk of Snoop Dog, Martha Stewart, Spider-man Far From Home, R Kelly, Big Little Lies, Lois Lane, Jokers Smile, The Deaths of Vic Sage, Superboy, Legion, Superman Returns, WPIX, Bendis Avengers, X-men, Stacy X, The many runs of the Punisher, The greatness of Dennis Quaid in the Intruder, Top Gun Maverick, Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob , Fear the Walking Dead, Agents of Shield ending, Streaming wars, Eddie Murphy returning to stand up and more

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