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The Swinging Lifestyle -- Charlie Daniels

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Are you ready to fire up your libido? Do you want to know about the swinging world?

If you answered "yes" to both questions -- plug in your headphones and let the free erotic advice from this month's sexpert propel you to have what you desire.

The cost to you for this sensual and sexy advice? Nothing - as it is our gift to you.

This month we head over to cherie ole England and discover the pros and cons of a swinging lifestyle with the street-wise, clearly experienced author Miss Charlie Daniels. Charlie had worked as a high-class escort who ran her own vice-ring. After a stint in the slammer, she reemerged in the sex trade industry and put together her own mini-empire - which she walked away from in 2002. She chronicals her life through vice in the best selling novel, "Priceless". Charlie can be seen on ITV and listened to on several radio stations.

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Without further ado.. press play and jump in the sauna.

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