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Jesus Junk

Updated a long time ago.

We're back at it again in our Season 2 Series Premiere! Today, we're discussing "Jesus Junk", the shirts, bumper stickers, pencils, mints, and other stuff we buy to prove we're saved. (Episode 57)


Hosts: Matt Coker and Megan "Mo" Oaks
Guests: John Birkey, Cipriano Martinez, & Chris Oaks

Game Time - Kids' Bible Trivia: #1 Contender Cipriano takes on sitting Champion Mo is our first battle for the title belt this season!

Back Talk - Part 1: We discuss what kind of Jesus Junk we've seen and even bought ourselves and Matt shares of list of some of the most ridiculous Jesus Junk out there.

Featured Music: "Let There Be Light" by Lionbrave, from the album "Royal Moutain"
Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify

Back Talk - Part 2: We return to the topic of Jesus Junk and how it can affect out witness for the good and for the bad.

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