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Join Steven and Jason as they delve into the world of video games. And sometimes Magic: The Gathering.

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CAP 230 - You Must Be Evil

Updated a long time ago.

This episode kicks off with an epic rant about Final Fantasy from Jason and the fun just keeps on rolling from there. Once the ranting ends we talk about Tales of Berseria in great detail. Then we get into some Resident Evil 7, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Diablo 3, the PS4 Pro, transferring hard drive data, Dragon Quest VIII, Fire Emblem Fates, Magic: The Gathering, You Must Build A Boat, The Room, Rise of the Tomb Raider DLC, the For Honor beta, Recore, The Division, Destiny, Overwatch, and Doom. Plus Steven had a surprise for friend of the show Scott. It's a doosy of an episode, so hop on board and let's get this train rolling.

Show Notes
Opening Song (A World Torn Asunder by: Trevor Morris)
-Fire Emblem: Heroes Tier List Pic: