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I have created this podcast, only for public interviews of Mormons or other interesting religious subjects. Some are famous Mormon authors, actors, leaders and some will just be common members from all walks of life, or missionaries, etc. I just felt it was time that all of these interviews were put together in one place for people to easily find and listen to. I hope everyone enjoys these interviews. I find these interviews to be fascinating and insightful.

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Authority, Sexual Abuse, and the Mormon/LDS Church-Doug Fabrizio

Updated about 1 month ago.

Last week, MormonLeaks released a recording of a woman confronting an LDS missionary leader she said tried to rape her. We’re talking about what the Church is or isn’t doing to protect its own.

Last week, the whistle-blowing group MormonLeaks released a recording of a woman confronting the man she said tried to rape her at the LDS Church’s Missionary Training Center. The story was especially shocking because the man was then President of the MTC. It’s a position with significant power and influence over young, faithful Mormons. Tuesday, we’re talking about how the Church and its members are reacting and what Mormon leaders are or aren’t doing to protect their own.


Lee Hale, KUER religion reporter
Angela Clayton, LDS blogger at By Common Consent and at Wheats & Tares
Lindsay Hansen Park, Acting Director of Sunstone and host of the podcast Year of Polygamy. She also blogs at Patheos
Natasha Helfer Parker is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist. She's president of the Mormon Mental Health Association and hosts the Mormon Mental Health Podcast