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Don Pezet and friends cover a whirlwind of tech topics each week from interviews with industry experts and up-and-coming companies to commentary on topics like security, vendor certifications, networking, and just about anything IT related.

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Technado, Ep. 214: OneView Commerce’s Linda Palanza

Updated 3 months ago.

On this week’s Technado, OneView Commerce’s CEO Linda Palanza joined the team to discuss the future of commerce. After sharing how Covid has impacted the customer experience, she covered the importance of omnichannel. Then, in the news, the guys covered the new limits some states have put on power-hungry PCs like Dell’s Alienware, a new Windows 10 vulnerability that allows easy admin privileges, how a one-character type bricked some Chrome OS devices, seized VPN servers in Ukraine that weren’t encrypted, and a data breach at a UK gun retailer’s CRM. Finally, in Deja News, they shared an update on Kaseya’s efforts to recover data after their REvil attack.