Matt Vest vs His Friends

Listen as Matt Vest talks about all of life's issues with his friends. We won't always agree but in the end, we will always be friends. Check out the Facebook page, for all the updates. Follow us on Instagram, @mattvfriends.

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Ep.196-I'm Against Punching Babies.

Updated 6 months ago.

This week I am joined by my friend, Kristin Latourelle. First, we chat about how people have pronounced our last names and Kristin tells us about being an awful cook. Kristin also tells us about the songs she is adding to our Spotify playlist. We answer the question, what do you do when you've hit a personal growth roadblock? We then discuss a recent school shooting in Colorado . We then talk about law makers who want the Bible taught in public schools.

News articles...

1. Students who tackle shooters die as heroes. Some experts worry 'we're setting our kids up to be martyrs'

2.)A conservative Christian group is pushing Bible classes in public schools nationwide — and it’s working

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