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I’m Anne Bachrach and for over 24 years I’ve been best known as The Accountability Coach™. Did you know that the #1 reason people don’t get what they want is lack of accountability? If you want to make more money and work less, accountability is for you. Are you sick and tired of your business just making you sick and tired? You know the drill. You invest a lot of time in building and growing your business. You make many personal sacrifices. You hope that the trade-off is more clients, more revenue, more progress toward your goals, and more prosperity so you can enjoy the business and life you truly want. Good intentions don’t magically lead to good results. They are a start; however, they are unfortunately not enough. This is just the truth! Poor follow through takes a toll on virtually every aspect of our lives. It not only threatens our health, it also prevents us from achieving personal, financial, and career goals that are well within our reach. When you are held accountable to the activity required to achieve your goals, you will make more money, be able to work less, and enjoy even better work life balance. If this sounds at all like something you want, you are in the right place to accelerate your results! Subscribe to the business success tips and resources Blog and receive valuable information to help you accelerate your results, so you can enjoy your ideal business and ideal life by going to

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4 Steps to Creating High Self-esteem that Gives You an Edge

Updated 3 months ago.

Having high self-esteem will give you the edge you need to apply confidence to every situation that demands it. Self-esteem is the combination of trust and belief in your talents and the ability to successfully complete the task at hand. When you can acknowledge the value in your talents, you can acknowledge the value in yourself and that builds your self-esteem.

On a personal level, having high self-esteem allows you to feel good about the person you are and allows you to grow into the person you want to become. You feel good about your talents and can look at yourself in the mirror with admiration. On a professional level, high self-esteem affords the same benefits; only this time you are showing your value to your clients, prospective clients, to your boss if you have one, and your peers and even your staff and team members.

The bottom line is that high self-esteem contributes to successful action because when action is supported by confidence, you encourage the likelihood for positive results. Approach any situation with low self-esteem and you could be setting yourself up for failure.

Through a series of four steps, you will discover how to grasp an understanding of your strengths and talents and how they contribute value to all situations. You will understand how to build trust in your ability to deliver future successful results. Over the next 4 days we will be exploring these 4 Steps to Creating Successful Results with High Self-esteem.

Tune in tomorrow for Step #1.

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