Bernie Landoz - How We Control a World of 6B People

Conspiracy Theory is just a theory? This podcast series is the audio track from the abridged version of Bernie's series of videos on how he and his various constituents control governments and societies throughout the world.

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Dirty Secrets of Lobbying

Updated a long time ago.

Bernie, the obnoxious, but no BS lobbyist and investor, was asked by the Climate Mobilization group to help out with their efforts to get people mobilized to put pressure on Washington to pass legislation to support policies fighting climate change.

Bernie fired back with his illumination of the way things really work in Washington and the need for grass root organizations to get very organized, focused, and practical - and partner with business, despite their disdain for such activities.

Watch Bernie vomit out his vitriol on Washington, Grass Roots Movements, and the American Culture.