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5 Steps for Inspiring Clients to Work with You

Updated 2 months ago.

You have what they need! So, how do you get them to realize that you are the solution to what they are looking for, so they can be even more successful? Here are 5 steps for inspiring clients to want to work with you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Step 1: Get Them Talking
First and foremost, make the conversation about them. Take the focus off “getting the sale” and instead use this time together to evaluate if you are the best person to assist them. Remember, you don’t want to work with anyone; you want to work ideal clients.

Although you will be using this initial time together to evaluate if you want to work with them, keep the conversation focused on the prospective client.

What is their current biggest struggle or challenge?
What is their most immediate or long-term goal?
What kind of support or guidance are they looking for?

If, at the end of the conversation, you conclude they are a potential ideal client, continue to Step #2.

If, at any point in the conversation, it’s apparent they are not an ideal client or if you feel you are not the best person to help them, politely end the conversation by thanking them for their time and clarifying how they can proceed. *If you are unable or unwilling to assist them, refer them to another reputable, high-quality resource whenever possible.

Step 2: Connect Them to Their Current Pain
There must be a starting point where you help the prospective client see where they are right now. In other words, they must know where they are right now before they can receive guidance to get where they want to go. From there, it’s important to remember that there are only ever two driving forces behind customers and clients who sign up to work with you and your firm:

1) Reducing/Eliminating pain or
2) Increasing pleasure

The first step in inspiring them to work with you (assuming they are a potential ideal client, and you want to work with them) is to help them feel their current pain. Get them talking about their biggest struggle or challenge - help them connect to the discomfort - and then lead them through Step 3.

Step 3: Inspire Them to Imagine Future Possibilities
Help them see that what they desire is possible - and that you can assist them in achieving it. Get them talking about their immediate and long-term goal(s) - asking how they feel imagining the real possibilities of their future. Reassure them that achieving any goal is simply a step-by-step process of “right steps” - and that you can successfully guide them through the process with greater ease and improved results.

Step 4: Explain How You Can Help Them
Go deeper into detail of how you can help them reduce their pain/increase their pleasure and achieve their goals. Emphasize in this step why you’re the best person to assist them in this process, by detailing a brief overview of the steps involved.

(Don’t give too much away. Provide a brief overview of the entire process or an in-depth view into a single step. You want to provide enough information to highlight your expertise and activate their confidence in you, but you want to withhold enough to inspire action to sign up, so they gain access to the entire process.)

Step 5: Paint the Bridge
The final stage to inspiring clients to work with you is to paint the bridge. This is where you connect the dots by reviewing what you’ve discussed thus far.

(If you are unclear about any information discussed, this is a good time to ask the prospective clients questions to clarify before you proceed with reviewing. You may also want to invite the prospect to share any last thoughts or ask questions they feel are important for you to know, before you proceed.)

The key in Step 5 is to accurately recap: 1) Their current pain, 2) Immediate or future goal(s), 3) Reassure them the goal is possible (if it’s unrealistic, hint at how you can help craft a revised, attainable goal), and finally, 4) How you can effectively support them throughout the process and guide them to achieving their goals.

Demonstrate that you understand, highlight your valuable expertise (and how it makes the process easier!) and instruct them how to sign up. Remember, you are the bridge to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

Aim for what you want each and every day!
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