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4 Ways to Lean into Your Fears and Increase Your Success

Updated 3 months ago.

At first glance, you may feel you have nothing to fear. You may be in a highly successful business, or you may be weathering a storm that is tough but under control. The truth is, though, we all fear something, and fear in any form is what holds us back from reaching new heights. If you want to do more, be more, have more, and achieve more than you are currently, then it is time to assess what is holding you back and find ways to lean into that fear, so it dissolves into success.

Some of the most intense professions around the world – especially positions held by first responders – set an incredible example for what it looks like to face fears and run headlong toward a problem. Think about a police officer; when they hear gun shots, they run toward the sound looking to engage with the source. Consider firefighters also; they run toward the fire to put it out as quickly as possible. The same is true of snow ski experts; to be a great skier, you have to lean forward, which is incredibly counter-intuitive. Likewise, motorcyclists lean into each turn to maximize their centrifugal force, not the other way around.

Erik Weihenmayer is an incredible example of what it looks like to live uninhibited by fear. As a blind man, many people encouraged him to play it safe in life; to be content with his limitations. But Erik decided that life was too short to live in fear, and so he set out on what has turned into a decades-long search for adventure and meaning. He has climbed Mt. Everest, summited countless other peaks, and spoken to businesses, sports teams, and even schools on the value of struggle and setting stretch goals – audacious, scary goals that stretch you into achieving more than you ever thought possible. In a blog post he wrote,

“Ama Dablam (a peak he summited) is no more special than any other mountain or goal. The simple fact is that completing this climb added meaning to my life; the same way that completing a triathlon, raising money for a local nonprofit, or losing weight might for someone else. I set a goal and worked to accomplish it – the mountain is a vehicle for building value in my life. What matters when choosing a goal is to first find the deeper vision that gives that goal purpose, and then allow ourselves the time and energy to pursue it.”

So, what can you learn from this? Your business success depends on your ability to navigate fears and obstacles in your path. Toss limiting beliefs that may be holding you back to the curb, and intentionally lean into your goals, so that you are 100% committed to having your best year ever – whatever that looks like for you. Stretch goals should inspire you. Stretch goals should get you laser-focused on only those activities that will help you achieve your goals. By being intentional, you will maximize your valuable time and accomplish more in the process. Consider leaning into your business-related fears by tackling one or more of the 4 ideas I’m going to share, so you can increase your business success and enjoy your ideal business and ideal life.

1. Ask for Referrals
Instead of just meekly asking for referrals from your clients and hoping to get one or two, ask with boldness and intention, expecting to hit the mother lode each and every time. You do an excellent job for your clients and they should be eager to tell everyone about you and your products and/or services. If they aren’t, what can you do even better, different, or not do for them?

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2. Be on a Mission
Lean into your fears by identifying areas of strengths and weakness, and then creating a goal-based roadmap for how you want to enrich those areas. Create an action-based mission statement that serves to drive your company forward; one that everyone on your team can get behind and work toward. Regularly review your business metrics and know where you are at against your annual goals every week. What are your weekly activities that you must do to move the company forward? Are you doing those activities each week? Be on a mission to hit your goals every single week, so you have the highest probably of achieving your annual goals.

3. Create Targeted Financial Forecasts
Calling prospective clients, even those who have been referred to you, may cause you to tense up with fear of rejection. But if you never take risks, you will never reap big rewards! It is true, not all prospects will be happy you called them, but it is vital to remember that some will be. Focus on potential positive outcomes and live for those successful calls no matter how unpleasant the others might be.

4. Find a Power Partner
We become like who we surround ourselves with. Just as Erik Weihenmayer has chosen to surround himself with people that empower his sense of adventure and help him achieve his goals, you also need to find mentors and other professionals that will hold you accountable and that will lift you to new heights both professionally and personally.

Take things to the next level by finding ways to lean into your fears and limiting beliefs. Don’t let risk-aversion hold you back; instead, use the 4 ideas that I talked about as a launching pad into the great things that you can accomplish when you find the courage to say “yes” to trying new things and crashing through quitting points.

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