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At Forest Park, our doors are always open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of their present condition or spiritual journey. We strive to introduce God's love and grace to everyone through creating environments that engage and inspire all people to passionately pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and others.

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Sorry - Part 4 | Scott Neal

Updated 5 months ago.

If someone apologizes to you, give forgiveness quickly and freely.
Do it again, and again, and again.

You will get better.
You will get more sincere.
You will get more compassionate.

You will develop a habit of apologizing. And you will not allow relationships to remain fractured long.
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Our vision:
Reach people no matter their present condition or spiritual journey.
Love people no matter who they are or what they’ve become.
Teach people to follow Jesus no matter what’s required or how long it takes.

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