Live with Livy & Layla

Oh WOW! Livy & Layla have their own podcast, and they're about to talk about all kinds of things and stuff. This is a super kid-friendly podcast, where Livy & Layla talk about life as kids, movies they like, games they play, stuff they do at school, books they read, and how much they love each other and their fans. Perfect for any five to 12 year old, this podcast is a peek behind the curtain of what it's like to be a kid. Kids will love this awesome podcast, and stay tuned for more with Livy & Layla!

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Episode 2 - The Quarantine Kids

Updated a long time ago.

Welcome to "Live with Livy & Layla!," a family-friendly show where two sisters talk about anything and everything on their mind! Today Livy & Layla discuss all the amazing things they are doing to have fun during quarantine. From reading, to playing games, to communicating with their friends through technology, you're sure to find some way to have fun just like them! It's fun for the whole family, so thanks for joining Livy & Layla for their very own show!