Hopped-Up 64

A podcast about craft beer, the video game industry, and the true meaning of friendship

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Ep 65: The Final Boss is Either Your Family or Impostor Syndrome

Updated about 1 month ago.

That's true of pretty much every video game.

This week we talk about beer, and specifically whether or not it's okay to put sulfur in it. We also dig into a bunch of video games, with Norris wrapping up Demon's Souls, Jack getting close to wrapping up Elden Ring, and Matt jumping into box-shaped universes with Patrick's Parabox.

There's also de-facto reviews for Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate-Daemon Hunters, Rogue Legacy 2 and Citizen Sleeper in here. Spoilers: they're pretty good!

Beer of the Week: Quarantine Beers

Hosts: Chris Norris, Matt Emery, Jack Shirai
Music by David Beebe (@norwegianvowels)