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Ep 174: All Pikachus Are Bastards

Updated about 1 year ago.

We watched Detective Pikachu; it was kind of terrible when the cop Pikachu shocked those protesting water pokemon.

We go through the wildness that is Detective Pikachu this week, before witnessing the insanity that is angry internet misogynist's fan edit of Avengers Endgame. We detail the Kid Goku DLC for DBZ FighterZ, go into some further details about the secret depravity in Stardew Valley, and confirm that there's no way FF7 Remake is ever coming out.

Detective Pikachu Spoilers: 27:00 - 30:40

Drink of the Week: Parallel 49's Hillbilly Ninja Hazy Pale Ale

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, David Beebe, Steph Fan, Bill McDonnell

Music by Sebastian Bender