Super Hopped-Up

A podcast about craft beer, the video game industry, and the true meaning of friendship

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Ep 148: Starring Nicholas Cage as Jigglypuff

Updated 7 months ago.

This week the gang drinks a hefty, sea-based beer, and argue the pros and cons of talking Pokemon. The gang's parents are all very proud.

A lot of video games get brought up this week, With Steph updating everyone on her efforts to date older video game women (Persona 5), Norris stating his growing ambivalence towards riding horses into trees (Red Dead Redemption 2), Mike trying to find out why all his neighbours are growing tentacles (Call of Cthulhu), and Dave finally telling his son he loves him (God of War).

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Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, David Beebe, Steph Fan, Mike Parker

Beer of the Week: Ballast Point Brewing's Victory at Sea

Music by Sebastian Bender