Lets Go Blues Radio - St. Louis Blues Hockey Podcast

THE ORIGINAL St. Louis Blues hockey podcast broadcast run by the fans, for the fans! Curt Price, Bill Day & Jeff Ponder talk St. Louis Blues hockey (NHL) in this weekly LIVE podcast with audience participation.

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Lets Go Blues Radio - Se6, Ep15 - Starter Hutton!

Updated about 1 year ago.

Curt, Bill & Jeff all attended last night's game vs the Montreal Canadiens and we'll discuss that game, plus the Tavares trade rumors that are popping up, who the F*CK wants to trade Pietrangelo??? More goaltending talk, it's the 32nd anniversary of Youngblood & we watch it during the show, plus other good stuff including our Beers of the Episode, Today in Blues History, Blues Social Media Fails...and other stuff.