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Manga Mavericks EP. 100, Part 2: 100th Episode Retrospective

Updated 8 months ago.

Its time for Part 2 of our 100th episode! This next half of the episode was originally meant to be the *ending* segment after our previous piracy discussion, where we invited both Bomber D. Rufi (aka Sakaki) and Maxy Barnard (who couldn't make it so we found [redacted]) to come on to discuss the results of our short run survey asking fans about their favorite episodes of the podcast, instead it turned into a 2 hour retrospective where we talked about not only what we like and enjoy about Manga Mavericks, but what we've managed to accomplish so far and just how the show has affected us and really changed our lives! Its a true celebration and we hope you join us for it! Special thanks to everyone who has listened to the show up to this point, as well as everyone who has ever come on the show! You guys are the ones who have made this show possible and we can't for at least another 100 more!

Also, stay tuned after the retrospective for a little more discussion of scanlation and piracy, as we go over some of the feedback we've gotten for last week's episode from both Twitter and our emails!


0:00:00 - Intro
0:03:12 - Retrospective
0:09:41 - Our Favorite Podcast Episodes
0:47:21 - Our Favorite Podcast Guests
1:06:20 - Our Favorite Podcast Moments
1:24:53 - Our Favorite Part(s) of the Podcast
1:51:53 - Thoughts and Comments from Listeners
2:08:11 - Emails
2:42:55 - Wrap up

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