Music of Mind Control

Music of Mind Control is a podcast highlighting the wonderful world of organizations and religious cults that practice mind control techniques and the weird, awful music they produce. Hosted by Amy and The Commander.

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MoMC ep 9

Updated a long time ago.

Episode 9 in our ongoing survey of human frailty gone awry. Mass hysteria drone noise from the Congregation of Revival Ministries, psychedelic hippy blues from Wulf Zendik, music of plants from Damanhur, and more

Tim Maia (Rational Culture) - I Am Rational
Blue Mosaic (Jews for Jesus)- Hinei Ma Tov
Congregation of Revival Ministries - Excerpt from "Angels Sing all with People"
Zendik Farm Band - Yang/Yin
Federation of Damanhur - Music of the Plants
Janice Kapp Perry (LDS) - A Child's Prayer