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Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#127(6/20/15)

Updated a long time ago.

(06/20/15) This week we talk WWE Money in the Bank, RAW, NXT, ROH Best in the World PPV, Wrestle-1 happenings, and much more.

Former WCW/WWF/AJPW Star The Patriot, Del Wilkes also joins us for a 50 minute interview to talk several topics including:
- Memories of Dusty Rhodes
- His upcoming documentary
- How he got started in the wrestling business
- The creation of The Patriot gimmick
- AWA memories, how he started working for Baba, signing with WCW and his thoughts on WCW after Hulk Hogan arrived.
- Why he left WCW in 1995, and the real story behind what happened regarding his no-show at Slamboree 1995, what happened in the meeting with Eric Bischoff, who knew about it, when negotiations with All Japan started and more.
- Memories of AJPW, working with Kobashi, Misawa, Taue, Kawada and many others
- His struggle with injuries
- Why he chose to leave AJPW in 1997, and what side he may have chosen if he was present during the Noah exodus in 2000.
- His relationships with Giant Baba and also Mrs Baba
- Joining the WWF, his first meeting with Vince, working with Bret Hart, and wether or not he considered a heel turn in 1997.
- Whether The Patriot gimmick would have worked during The Attitude Era.
- The circumstances that led to his retirement and WWE choosing to release him.
- The WWF's attitude towards injuries and wether he was ever forced to perform injured.
- His thoughts on Benoit and the changes that have been made to the Wellness program since.
- Whether drug use was as prevalent in All Japan as it was in the WWF & WCW.
- Why he disappeared from the public eye after his retirement.
- His greatest matches