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Episode Twenty Four

Updated a long time ago.

Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share
Episode: Twenty Four
Hosts: Brewshack Chad, Ramhouse Marcus & Just Stutz

Beers Drank: Firestone Walker Helldorado 2015, Block 15 Super Nebula w/Coco Nibs & Vanilla Beans, Commons/Perennial Meriweather, De Garde Imperial Hose

Topics: Music & Beer, Oregon Craft Brew Month coming to a close, OBF Kicks off today, Why aren’t there more movies about beer?

Upcoming Events/News: August:
Pfriem 5th Anniversary 5, 1st Annual Radler Festival @ Stormbreakers 12, Wilsonville Brewfest 12, Lighthouse Brewfest 12, Bend Beer Fest 10-12, Vancouver Beer Fest 11-12, Redmond Brewfest 18-19, Westmoreland/Sellwood Brewfest 19, Brews for New Avenues 19, PDX Adult Soapbox Derby 19, Hazy Daze Beer Fest @ Lardo 25-27, Saraveza IIIPA Fest 25, Beaverton Craft Beer Festival 26,
Go to oregoncraftbeer.com for a comprehensive calendar of beer events in the area.

Top 6 List: Beer Music

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