The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss

"The official podcast of WTBU's award-winning "Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss," a talk show of underwhelming proportions. Join syndicated sports talk radio host Alex Reimer and news personality Kyle Clauss as they sweat the small stuff and discuss everything from Boston sports, to current events, to Kyle's misanthropy, to Alex's ongoing struggle with Boston University's dining hall staff. It's like a cup of black coffee for your soul. Tune in to "The Beanpot with Reimer & Clauss" Sundays, 10am-12pm, on WTBU: the Beat of Boston University."

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The Boston Strong Episode

Updated a long time ago.

The boys honor all those affected by the tragic events of Marathon Monday and salute the men and women of law enforcement who kept Boston safe and restored its peace of mind. They speak with Emily Sheehan, a Subway 201Csandwich artisian,201D and she details what it2019s like to work there on 420 (spoiler alert: lots of bacon). Kyle explains why he and Jay-Z are no longer on good terms. Alex announces that disco is indeed back, even if he2019s the only one who believes it.