The Heart of Worship

Have you ever wondered why Cain's sacrifice to God was rejected while Abel's was accepted? Cain gave a sacrifice that was akin to fellowship while Abel gave one related to a sin offering. Intimacy with God requires that we acknowledge and confess our sins before we have fellowship with Him. But when people come to church we expect them to have an intimate relationship with God when we invite them to worship intimately without addressing the issue of sin. How can we ever worship a holy God when we ignore our own unholiness? What are the steps we need to take so that we can have intimate worship? These are the questions this study answers.

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The Law before Time

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Why are Christians so bored with God? I believe it's because they have failed to hear what He has said to them. They fail because they are distracted by sin, unaware of righteousness and forget about the judgment that awaits everyone. That is the work fo the Holy Spirit when He delivers God's word. The word of God changes everything. That's the law before time.