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Edward Lewis and Chris Haythornthwaite discuss physical games, from European board games to collectible card games and pen and paper role playing games!

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Sixty Two: On Board - Episode 3

Updated a long time ago.

Episode 3 of the boardgaming podcast is finally here!

As usual, we start by talking about a game that we've recently been playing- Chris fights of the Abomination in Eldritch Horror, and I venture in to a monster-filled dungeon with the card-drafting game, Lost Legends.

After that we talk through a couple of party games. Chris discusses the family friendly Wits & Wagers, and I, on the other hand, read some examples that you might see in the delightfully offensive Cards Against Humanity (even though Chris thought I was making them up from the top of my head!)

After that we each talk about an old firm favourite, but you'll have to listen to hear what we've picked.

If you've got any questions, or if there are any specific boardgames you'd like us to talk about, send us an email at podcast@sixty-two.com, or you can find us on facebook.com/sixtytwogames.

Cheers, Ed.