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This Organization Chose Not to "Deploy #Lean" Because...

Updated a long time ago.

This Organization Chose Not to "Deploy #Lean" Because a Leader Thought it is Not Customer Focused?

I posted an article on LinkedIn last week as a companion article and summary of my podcast with Dean Gruner, MD, the recently retired CEO of ThedaCare.

That article:

"A Retired Hospital CEO Shares the Employee Feedback That was 'A Bucket of Cold Water to the Face.'"

There have been over 125 comments so far... but one has me scratching my head.

It read:

"I looked at deploying Lean within our PNO, and ultimately decided against it, in part for two reasons:

because Lean is about doing the same thing, albeit better and
it is not as much customer/outwardly focused as we need in healthcare."
Lean is not customer/outwardly focused? I hope this isn't a widespread perception or belief out there. I hope I'm overreacting to something that's not really a problem... but I wrote the post anyway.