CrossFit Disciple

When we know the Shepherd He can sustain good steady rhythm and flow in the midst of high & lows. Question? How does one know the shepherd? What does it involve? Is it worth it? I will attempt to answer through the lens of CrossFit. CrossFit is strength & conditioning program.  When you look at CrossFit in a spiritual sense the goal is the same. Spiritual strength & conditioning. Crossfit utilizes equipment for multiple workouts. Barbell Gymnastic rings Jump ropes Kettlebell Medicine ball Resistance band among others. Biblical CrossFit uses prayer, church, sermons, fellowship, worship, and bible. So what we are going to do is to take a unique and close look at the shepherd. Our new CrossFit series derives from Psalm 23. Goal is to strengthen your spiritual core to sustain good steady rhythm and flow and more importantly grow in your relationship with God.

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CrossFit Disciple

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CrossFit ... spiritual strength & conditioning.