It's a Meaningful LIfe - It Just Takes Practice

Inspiring readings meant to open our eyes, minds, and hearts to living a meaningful life, rather than just living. This podcast is based on the book "It's A Meaningful Life - It Just Takes Practice" by Bo Lozoff, and is narrated by Jodelle Fitzwater, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Food Psychology Coach, and meaningful life lover. In her effort to relay readings to you that have inspired and transformed her, Jodelle's hope is that you will find the nugget of truth within these readings and discover your meaningful life and take the practice necessary to keep on. For more information on the Human Kindness Foundation or to order a copy of "It's A Meaningful Life" visit: For more information on Jodelle or to donate to this podcast and help her keep it going please visit:

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It's Not the Top, It's the Climb

Updated a long time ago.

This next chapter reveals to us the most helpful reminder that life isn't about where you going, but about who you are with and what you are doing during the journey. With helpful and mindful practices, it will give you tools to make your life more meaningful along the journey and less about the destination....of which there really is none when you think about it. To donate: visit the