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Manga Mavericks On TV #01: "Central Park"

Updated about 1 year ago.

The Manga Mavericks are talking television!

Welcome to the first episode of a new irregular podcast series in the vein of @ Movies, except the titular focus this time is the wonderful world of television and streaming shows (except for Anime, which is already covered by & Anime). We’ll be chatting about tv shows we’ve seen and have a lot to say about, and giving reviews of new and upcoming series!

We have a very special show to talk about on this inaugural installment! We got the opportunity to check out Apple TV’s new show Central Park, a musical comedy by the creators of Bob’s Burgers. The show drops on Apple TV on May 29th, but we were able to watch the first four episodes a few weeks early! So we’re giving our first impressions on the show, what makes its characters and music special, and how these early episodes stack up against the first seasons of this creative team’s previous shows. By the time you’re done listening, I’m sure Central Park will be central in your heart!


00:38 - Introducing the Podcast & Show Plan
04:13 - Central Park Review
48:00 - Wrap-Up

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Music Featured:

The Beets - “Television”
Central Park Trailer
Afroskull - “Me and My TV”

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