Practicing Lean

Hi, I’m Mark Graban… I’m the editor of an anthology book called “Practicing Lean: Learning How to Learn How to Get Better… Better.” I wrote the first two chapters and invited others – some people I’ve known and some I had just met – to write a chapter with their own thoughts and reflections. This isn’t a book about how to “implement Lean” – this is a book about practicing… which means learning from mistakes and hopefully not repeating those same mistakes over and over. I published Practicing Lean as an ebook… it’s available in the Amazon Kindle and Apple Books stores. You can also buy a paperback from Amazon. 100% of proceeds are being donated to a nonprofit, the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation. We’ve raised over $4000 so far for this important cause. Oh, and we created an audio book version, thanks to the volunteered efforts of a professional voice over artist, Sam Leigh. Her dad, Mike Leigh, wrote chapter 15. Sam reads all of the chapters except for mine, which I read myself. We’ve sold some audio books through along with the eBook version, but I thought putting the chapters out here as a podcast might inspire more people to go buy the book and possibly donate to the Batz Foundation. To learn more about the book, including how to buy it, go to To learn more about the Batz Foundation, their incredible Batz Guide publications for patients, and to donate, visit Thanks.

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Chapter 13 - Harvey Leach

Updated a long time ago.

Bio: Harvey Leach is an independent management consultant based near Oxford, England, where he works with a group of close associates. He supports clients by applying his experiences of Lean thinking, change management and leadership development to help them solve complex operational problems and grow their internal capability to identify and implement improvements.

Prior to moving into consultancy in 2004, Harvey spent 27 years with Rover Group and BMW Group, where he gained an impressive reputation for implementing improved ways of working in every team he managed or was part of, covering areas as diverse as Product Development, New Product Introduction, Production Planning & Control and Production Strategy. Alongside this, he acted as a trainer for a number of internal programmes to grow the organisation's Lean capability — Total Quality Improvement, Leading Management and Coaching for Performance.

Since 2004, Harvey has applied and developed the skills he acquired to support clients in a range of industrial and public sector organisations, covering both operational and administrative areas. In addition to leading and facilitating improvement programmes for clients, he has developed and delivered a range of highly acclaimed public and bespoke training programmes.