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Special - Charlie Sheen Calls the Lean Line

Updated about 1 year ago.

Now actor Charlie Sheen has been all over the news lately, giving interviews to practically anyone with a microphone. This is the type of "news" I normally try to tune out, yet alone blog about.

Somehow, he stumbled across my "Lean Liine" phone number (817-776-5326) to talk about Lean Healthcare, although I suspect he was looking for the street drug called "lean."

He claimed to have spent his hiatus from TV working to teach and implement the "Lean" methodology at hospitals around Los Angeles. Listen to the audio and judge for yourself - is he pulling our leg? Is he the type of Lean consultant you would want around?

Ok, it's an early April Fool's Joke.... that was audio taken from an interview he gave to ABC's Good Morning America show.