Scott Ryans Save The World Podcast

Scott Ryan and Scott Ryan talk about what is going on in the world today. Each episode is a look at the week in politics from a human view not a left or right view. The podcast is about saving the world from evil with kindness, science and good will. Humor, love and kindness is king. The only goal of this podcast is to save the world. All hosts and guests are Scott Ryan as we are all one and the same. Follow on Twitter @srstheworld

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050920: Mother's Day Podcast

Updated about 1 year ago.

The Scott Ryans talk about NOT being a mother. Not liking parenting and a podcast so controversial it is probably not for you. We talk about what maternity leave does to your co-workers and the idea that parenting is not a job for everyone. If you are offended easily, this episode is not for you.