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At Forest Park, our doors are always open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of their present condition or spiritual journey. We strive to introduce God's love and grace to everyone through creating environments that engage and inspire all people to passionately pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and others.

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Made for Mondays | Part 4 | Scott Neal

Updated about 11 days ago.

Our desire for weekend living can even serve as a reminder that we’ve been blessed with a job to go to. But when we’re constantly looking back at the weekend that’s passed, and looking forward to the weekend ahead, we find ourselves missing the current moment. When we become distracted from what’s happening in the moment, we aren’t showing thankfulness for that day God has given us. Matthew 6:25–34 says that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own. We might learn how to make the most of our dreary Monday if we spent more time invested in making the best of it.

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