Heirs to the Iron Throne

Welcome to the "Heirs to the Iron Throne" podcast hosted by Anthony Rivera and Munir Mogannam. Here we revisit the hit television series Game of Thrones in which we break down individual episodes and provide context from the filmmaker standpoint, the events going around in the actual episode, and from the literature sources. We also do it in such a way that's kinda raunchy and kinda funny. Email us at HeirsToTheIronThrone@gmail.com.

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Heirs to the Iron Throne #1 - Winter is on its Way

Updated a long time ago.

In this inaugural episode, Anthony and Munir introduce how they both got into Game of Thrones and they discuss the first episode of Season 1 entitled "Winter is Coming." Find Anthony (@murseant on almost everything) and Munir (@bigmanbaking on Instagram). Email us HeirsToTheIronThrone@gmail.com. Intro music provided by Just Plain Ant with the song "Restless" --find them on Royalty Sir YouTube. Main theme is a cover done by Roger Lima at White Noise Lab. Enjoy your first episode.