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The End Is Near

Updated about 1 year ago.

A group of Christians is predicting the Apocalypse is going to begin next Monday. Is this the final episode of our podcast?! (Episode 82)


Hosts: Matt Coker & Megan Oaks
Guests: Deidra Coker & Cipriano Martinez

[1:32] Game Time: What Is Real?!

[11:06] Back Talk: We discuss the "Doomsday" predictions from this year, one from May and one scheduled for next Monday, August 21st, as well as all the "End of the World" predictions from our life time. Then, we talk about current "world-threatening" events, both political and environmental, and how we should respond as believers.

[35:10] Special Music: "Relentless" by Andy Calvert, from his album "Acclaim". You can find more from Andy Calvert on iTunes, Google Play, and NoiseTrade.

[38:52] Back Talk: We discuss the "why" we as Christians are so obsessed with figuring out when the "End Times" will begin and end with what sign would convince each of us that the "End Times" were upon us.

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