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Episode 100: Hat's VS Ties!

Updated 11 months ago.

Hello there and welcome to episode 100 of Nintendo Voice! Yes, we made it!! This episode was recorded on the 1st of August. On this very, very special episode, we of course have the full crew of Lewis Pugh, Harrison Milfeld and Colin Crompton.

This week we cover what we've been playing, we then dive into the last ever Bonus Round! Do not fret though! A new segment will rise in its place, more on that later.

After the Bonus Round we have some very awesome messages from friends of the show that we have been fortunate enough to podcast with over the past two years.

And finally, we finish up the show with a feature on the history of Nintendo Voice. How we each got into podcasting and more behind the scenes stories!

We also announced during this episode that we have launched our own Patreon to support the show going forth! We want to give you listeners a better show with higher production value, unfortunately we need help to make that happen!

Here is the link to our Patreon page and become a patron if you like what you see!

Also every early patron will get the chance to win a SNES Mini! No matter who much they pledge!

As ever you can get in touch with the show via:

Twitter: @NintendoVoice

Music used in this episode is:

Intro: LoZ: A Link to the Past: Title Screen theme
Outro: Loz: A Link to the Past: Epilogue - Beautiful Hyrule

Enjoy the show!