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My name is Gregory Rice, my podcast is all about how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle at 50 plus with Food-Fitness&Fun, Some of you might already be there, if so great, you still will get some great information from the show. For those of you who are not, its never to late to start. I started my personal journey at age 54 and never looked back. if you would have told me at age 60 now, I would be in the kind of shape and health I'm in today, I would never believed it. I have a saying, if your blessed to wake up each day, getup, get out, and be positive. Its the only way to live, and pass it on. I'm compelled to not only share my journey,but to also help you each week through my podcast 50 Plus Food-Fitness&Fun to get each an everyone of you started on your journey and having fun on the way. Yes there times I wanted to quit but there's something about the end results knowing your one less pound or 2 lighter that week then when you started. That hill you you walked, ran or cycled up like it was nothing. There is more determination inside of each of each and everyone of us and with a positive mind set, and can do attitude, there is nothing you can't achieve and overcome. Our first episode is about starting your engine. I look forward to your feedback via my email riceeg@aol.com

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