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This podcast gives a behind the scenes look at show business. Laura Powers interviews writers, actors, directors, musicians and fascinating people in the entertainment industry.

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Tips from Story Analyst Joanna Ke

Updated 8 months ago.

Joanna Ke is an award-winning filmmaker that thrives in the industry fas an actor, writer, professional script reader, and producer. As a professional script reader and story analyst, Joanna has read hundreds of screenplays for studios, producers, and screenwriters. Her experience as an actor helps her have a keen eye for character and dialogue while her own experience as a writer helps her understand the creative process when consulting on a script. Learn more at or visit for her script polishing services. To find out more about Laura and her work please visit her website at You can also find Laura on twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, and on instagram at laurapowers44.