Never Give Up-Never Surrender Your Health

My name is Gregory Rice, my podcast is all about never giving up and never surrendering your health. We all have been there, exercise a little, eat healthy, loose a few pounds and think that's it, you don't have to maintain what you started, I did not say finish, because your health is a 24/7 of never giving up or surrendering to the temptations of slipping back into a place you worked so hard to overcome. I'v been there and have the mileage from walking, jogging, running, cycling and most important my diet. Changing your health from the inside/out is a 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days all year commitment. I did not get there overnight and you wont either will, I just worked as hard I could mentally to not give into temptations along the way. My podcast will give you the knowledge and power take back the power we all have inside. following my never give up and never surrender positive mental attitude will not only show you who you really are inside/out but to turn the negative along the way into positives. So I invite you to join the my philosophy of never giving up and never surrender. Gregory Rice

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