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Check out my Interview with Khaïry Varre, The Time Bender

Updated 5 months ago.

Today we have a special guest with us who I think you will find to be inspirational to you on your goal achievement journey to having your ideal business and ideal life.

Khaïry Varre is an executive leader known as THE TIME BENDER at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur. She is a martial artist (which I think is super cool) and former MBA lecturer. She helps elite entrepreneurs become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar + breakthroughs in their business.

Here are some questions I asked Khairy that you will benefit from by listening to her interview:
1. How do you suggest we bend time to achieve even more at work and at home?
2. What do you think are key differences between entrepreneurs who make it seem easy and those who struggle?
3. How can business owners beat the overwhelm - there is always so much to do! (I can talk about priorities at each level of business)
4. How can someone get over imposter syndrome to achieve their goals?
5. What are some of the impactful pieces of advice that you’ve received, and can share with the audience, that keeps you performing at high levels?
6. What are your 4 Strategies to be Unstoppable in work and in life?
7. For those that have a team or want a team, how do you suggest they build a Profit Warrior team?

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“Me File” – Where do you keep all the great comments people say to you?
A “Me File”, as I call it, is simply a place where you keep all the great comments people have said about you, your service, your staff, and your firm. You can keep an electronic document as well as a manila folder with cards or tangible things people have sent you. When you feel your confidence slipping to less than 100% for what you offer, read all the great comments people have said about you over the years to get your confidence cup flowing over again. So many times we disregard all the great comments people share with us and think that “that is my job.” Keeping track of what people send you and what they say about you will help increase your confidence when you need a little more to call prospects, meet with prospects, or just any time you want to feel good about what you do in this world for people.
When you look at your “Me File” and read all the great comments people have said about you, how do you feel?

To download a simple way to track your glowing comments from clients and people who have worked with you, go to https://www.accountabilitycoach.com/request-your-complimentary-me-file-sample/.

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