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Tip #3 to Communicate Effectively with Prospects and Clients

Updated 3 months ago.

Today we are talking about the 3rd tip to communicate effectively with clients – which is to Be Personable.

Always try to make the initial conversation in person or via phone. Avoid negative first impressions by IM’ing or emailing because the written tone can sometimes be easily misconstrued. Establish a personable, yet professional connection from the first step and effective communication will be much easier.

Avoid using technology you are unfamiliar with - at least initially - when communicating with clients. For arguments sake, it could avoid the frustration of the learning curve that will inevitably show itself to your client in your message. This is also how misspellings, misuse and unintended messages can be avoided. For initial communication with your clients, stick to the technology you know and regularly use.

Choose a method of communication you are comfortable with and that matches the level of your client. While it’s an advantage to be reachable after hours and on weekends, it’s best to establish clear hours of operation. This will help avoid clients calling at 10pm at night and expecting an immediate return call. Whatever times you want to be available for your clients, be sure to clearly convey that information to avoid any communication missteps.

Action Step
It is possible to remain professional, yet present yourself in a personable manner. Before you have in-person or telephone conferences with clients, take five minutes to clear your head and focus on the results your client is looking for you to deliver. The conversation is not about you - it’s about them and how you can help them get the results they need to be more successful. Set clear boundaries from the beginning, by providing set hours of operation (unless of course your service happens to be on-call). When meeting clients in-person, give yourself plenty of time to prep your appearance, so you look well-rested, appropriately dressed, and on time, and ready to help them get the end result they are looking for.

Tune in tomorrow for the 4th tip to communicate effectively with clients.

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