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Interview With Deal Machine Founder David Lecko

Updated about 1 year ago.

On this podcast episode, I interview David Lecko who is the founder of Deal Machine.

Deal Machine is an incredible app for real estate investors that can help you take your driving for dollars game to another level.

You can download the app by visiting

One you install the app on your smart phone, you can start driving for dollars. What's amazing about this app is that you don't need to have a yellow pad next to you scribbling down addresses of vacant properties to look up later.

When you drive for dollars, you are looking for vacant, boarded up houses. Tell tale signs are blue tarps on the roof, lawns that are overgrown or mailboxes that are stuffed full. It is not difficult to tell when a property is neglected. Properties can be neglected because someone recently passed away, or they could be vacant because an absentee out of state landlord is having difficulty managing a property.

There are many reasons why a property could be vacant, but the most obvious sign of distress and finding motivated sellers is vacant houses.
Vacant houses are a gold mine for finding deals. What makes these leads so powerful is that you cannot buy these leads anywhere. The best way to find vacant houses is by driving for dollars (or hiring someone to drive for dollars for you). And if you are driving for dollars, the best tool for you to have in your arsenal is the Deal Machine App.

With the Deal Machine App, you simply take a picture of the property and pin your location in the app for the property address.

Deal Machine can then start a sequence of postcard mailers where they mail postcards for you to the property owner. They use the property appraiser and tax assessor info to establish the owners contact information.

Your postcards can be customized and configured in your dashboard and you can change the message and the phone number. They recently added a feature that allows for even more customization to your postcards. I suggest you use call tracking on your postcards that you set up in Deal Machine. This way, you will know which calls are being generated from Deal Machine, and you can track your leads, your marketing costs and your deals closed.

When you set up your mailers, you can also edit your postcard mailing frequency and set it up to mail postcards for a certain period of time (for example once a month for 6 months).

Another great feature of the Deal Machine App is that you can actually look up the property owner's name and email address within the app. So you could literally pull up to a vacant property, take a picture of it, pin the location, find the owner and give them a call.

This is an amazing app which takes driving for dollars to another level. We have the enterprise plan which allows us to add unlimited bird dogs to our team so we can have an entire team of property locators submitting deals to us.

You can download the Deal Machine App at this link:

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