Music of Mind Control

Music of Mind Control is a podcast highlighting the wonderful world of organizations and religious cults that practice mind control techniques and the weird, awful music they produce. Hosted by Amy and The Commander.

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MoMC ep 7

Updated a long time ago.

A tender side of god's angry man Gene Scott, Jimmy Osmond has gay thoughts about jesus, bad afro pop from Happy Science, scary psycho meditation shit from Brahma Kumaris and more

Happy Science Uganda Choir - Welcome to Happy Science
Sounds of Synanon - Hang Tough
Jimmy Osmond (CLDS) - I Wonder When He Comes Again
The Young Ambassadors (Worldwide Church of God) - Strike Up the Band
The Way International - Renewed Mind is the Key
Local Churches - Throughout the Past Twenty Centuries
Gene Scott - Teach Me
George Hamlin (Christian Science) - O'er Waiting Harp-Strings of the Mind
Brahma Kumaris - Be With Me